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Love Will Tear Us Apart

Hi Im new(obviously :P). My name is Maegin, im 15 and im from NC. I saw the Madcap kids last year when they toured with Simple Plan and I must say that I was completely swept away. They are some really nice people, and Johnny was my idol for a long time. I only had $8 bucks and the East to West cd were $10, so i was standing at the merch table, looking sadly at it. Johnny looked at me and goes "What do you want?" "I was gonna get a cd, but I only have 8 bucks.." "...Tell ya what, Ill sell it to ya for 8. And Ill get the guys to sign it."
You cannot understand the shock I was in! I was so swept away. I will always remember that night now.

ps sorry if this isnt allowed or anything :P
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